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Winchester 1886 Lever Action S739, S738, S737, S745 Winchester 1886 Lever Action S739, S738, S737, S745

Winchester 1886 Lever Action

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1886 Carbine
Please Note -
S745, being the 1886 Carbine, was proposed to be introduced this year, 2020, but due to covid, production was postponed until 2021. Orders can be placed for the Carbine now in readiness for its release.
Calibre -
S745457 - 45-70 Government
Barrel Length - 20" Round
Overall Length - 39 1/2"
Overall Length - 39 1/2"
Magazine - 4
Straight stock, with rounded profile butt plate.
orged frame, with broach rifled barrel, CNC machined mechanical parts
Oil finished walnut stock,
ights, windage adjustable open front sight, military style rear sight adjustable for elevation.

1886 Sporting Fancy

Calibre -
S738457 - 45 -70 Government
Barrel Length - 26" Octagonal
Overall Length - 44 7/8"
Weight - 9.81 lbs, 3.7 kgs
Magazine - 8 Rounds
Created by John Browning’s genius, this model was always considered the best lever action rifle ever made. It is now offered in the Sporting version, 26" PMG quality Octagonal barrel, forged and CNC machined frame, American selected walnut stock. Pistol grip stock
A blade front sight, adjustable rear sight, drilled and tapped for peep sight.

1886 Sporting Classic

Calibre -
S739457 - 45-70 Government
Barrel Length - 26" Round
Overall Length - 44 7/8"
Weight - 9.26 lbs, 4.2 lbs
Magazine - 8 Rounds
This Winchester 1886 Lever Action rifles featuring an English style straight stock made with American walnut, Straight grip.
PMG quality Round barrel, blade front sight and buckhorn rear sight.
The frame is machined from forged steel, drilled and tapped on the left side, as is the tang, to fit a peep sight.

Hunter Light

Calibre -
S737457 - 45-70 Government,
S736444 - 444 Marlin
Barrel Length - 22" Round
Overall Length - 40 7/8"
Weight - 7.11 lbs, 3.3 kgs
Magazine - 4 Rounds
Lighter version of the famous model 1886 with 22" PMG quality round barrel and reduced dimension of the magazine give the rifle a modern, slimline.
Fitted with a mechanical safety at the hammer.
The frame is forged and CNC machined, for a Creedmoor sight to its left side.
The stock is made of american walnut, with swivel stud and microcell butt plate.

Winchester 86 / 71 lever Action Rifles S740,S741, S743, S744 Winchester 86 / 71 lever Action Rifles S740,S741, S743, S744

Introducing important technical variations to the previous Model 1886 designed by John M. and Matthew S. Browning, the Lever Action 86/71 is identified as the first rifle chambered for a specific cartridge (.348 WCF) as well as for being the last "big frame" lever action rifle produced by Winchester. Advertised as The Universal Big Game Rifle, the Model 71 was welcomed with enthusiasm by big game hunters.
Chambered for a well known historical cartridge, the .45-70, the Lever Action 86/71 rifle is drilled and tapped to be equipped with a side frame mount Creedmoor sight and with the Pedersoli Bolt Creedmoor sight.
The broach rifled barrel and the magazine are blue finished,
the stock, with chequered pistol grip and forend are of walnut.
The frame is forged and CNC machined, with a blue finish for the Standard version and in the Premium model case hardened frame and butt cap and selected walnut stock and forend.
Please contact for pricing.
Firearms will only be shipped to nominated LFD's
Typical of the lever action rifle models, easier to handle with a 19" barrel
Forged frame, CNC machined.
Proofed for factory ammunition up to 3550 bar loads,
Integral base, fiber optic rear sight, to mount the red dot or scope
Fiber optic front sight.
American walnut stock and forend, ergonomic stock with micro cell soft butt plate all makes this rifle the right choice for hunting up to 200 meters in the bush.
Calibre -
444 Marlin - S741444
45-70 Gov - S741457
Magazine - 5 Rounds
Barrel Length -19" PMG barrel (Premium Match Grade) with 12 grooves broached rifling
Overall Length - 8 5/16"
Weight - 7.9 lbs, .6 kgs

Borebuster Red / Camo
Calibre -
444 Marlin - M741444
45-70 Gov - M741457
Same as S741 but with Deep Red stock

Mk11 Camo Black Cerakote
444 Marlin - J741444
45-70 Gov - J741457

Standard version is equipped with a ramp rear sight.
The metal parts with blue finish. Drilled and tapped for with a side frame Creedmoor sight.
Walnut forend and pistol grip stock with chequered butt plate.
Calibre -
45 - 70 Gov - S743457
Magazine 5 Rounds
Barrel Length - 24"
Overall Length - 43 7/16"
Weight -8.15 lbs, 3.7 kgs


Calibre -
S740348 - 348 Winchester
S740457 - 45-70 Gov
Magazine - 5 rounds
Barrel Length - 24" Special PMG barrel
Overall Length - 42 9/16"
Weight - 8.15lbs, 3.7 kgs
Rear sight with elevation and windage adjustments
Optional integral rear sight base for modern sight
Tunnel front sight with brass insert
Drilled and tapped for a Creedmoor sight
Pistol grip with metal cap
Ultra light Microcell memory buttplate 13mm (.511”) thick


Calibre - 45 70 Government
Same features as the Classic S740


Designed for serious hunters to hunt in adverse climate conditions, the Guide Master model is COMPLETLY made of stainless steel. A compact and handy rifle thanks to the short 19” PMG barrel, broach rifled, equipped with a fiber optic front sight and the Weaver/Picatinny base with integrated rear sight. The stock is made of American walnut covered with a camouflage film, completed with a microcell thick butt plate and swivel stud.
Calibre -
S744457 - Guidemaster, Walnut, SS, 45-70 Gov
G744457 - Guidemaster, Grey Camo, SS, 45-70 Gov
B744457 - Guidemaster, Black, SS, 45-70 Gov
Twist Rate - 1:18
Barrel Length - 19", Stainless Steel
Overall Length - 37 3/8"
Weight - 7.92 lbs, 3.6 kgs