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Waadtlander S234 Waadtlander S234

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This version of the rifle, altogether similar to the Bristlen A Morges model of which it keeps the technical characteristics, differentiates itself for the barrel .45 caliber twist 1:48 (1.200 mm), 7 groves, and the weight which is certainly lighter. It is a very well balanced, precise and handling rifle. Comes with USA 449 Creedmoor rear sight and USA 451 front tunnel sight.

(MLAIC), (World Champion)
S234-45 - Standard, 45 Cal
L234-45 - Deluxe, 45 Cal

Suggested Bullet Mould USA307-445, 445 Round ball

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Bristlen A Morges S235 Bristlen A Morges S235

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This reproduction of a Swiss target rifle is the perfect embodiment of elegance and quality. It authentically reproduces in every detail, springs, screws, sights, included in the original gun produced by Marc Bristlen between 1839 and 1860, in the town of Morges. It is produced both in standard with colour case hardened lock and fittings, and Deluxe version enriched with engravings on the polished steel lock and fittings. The barrel is incised BRISTLEN A MORGES, highlighted in silver characters. The oil finished stock is, for both versions, of the finest European walnut. Particular attention has been given to the lock where all parts work together in perfect harmony. It is provided with vertically and horizontally adjustable Creedmoor sight and has a double phase set trigger adjustable for weight and minimum trigger pull, thanks to its particular spring system can be adjusted down to 0,13 lbs (60 g). The gun is equipped with palmrest knob and with a false muzzle .44 caliber. It is optimised for the 50 yards shooting matches. This replica because of the particularly high quality artistic work, is produced only in limited quantities to order. Comes with USA 449 Creedmoor rear sight and USA 451 front tunnel sight. Barrel length 29 1/2". Weight 16.53 lbs. (.44) 16.75 lbs. (.35)

Bristlen A Morges
1845 circa (MLAIC), (World Champion)
S235-35 - Standard, Bristlen A Morges, 35 Cal
L235-35 - Deluxe, Bristlen A Morges, 35 Cal
S235-44, Standard, Bristlen A Morges, 44 Cal
L235-44, Deluxe, Bristlen A Morges, 44 Cal

Suggested Round Ball Mould
USA308-347 - 35 Cal
USA304-447 - 44 Cal

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Swiss Match S250 Swiss Match S250

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The ideal rifle for competitive target shooting at 50 meters. Octagonal barrel, rust brown finish color case hardened lock, double set trigger, steel ramrod.
The special rear sight with windage and elevation adjustments can be moved along the barrel to correct the eye piece distance
Equipped with a small pendulum, parallax reference to the target.
The walnut stock is completed with “hook” shaped steel butt plate, finger grip shaped steel trigger guard and palm rest.
Comes with USA 451 front tunnel sight.
Swiss Match S250 (MLAIC), (World Champion)
Calibre 45ml
Barrel Length - 30 13/16"
Overall Length - 48 7/16"
Weight - 16.31 lbs, 7.3 kgs

Suggested bullet mould - USA307454

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Gibbs Rifle S225, L225, S125, S207 Gibbs Rifle S225, L225, S125, S207

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World Champion 2003, 2004 2005, 2007 2008, 2010,
Reproduction of one of the most famous rifles in the field of the precision target shooting, made in 1865 by the English gunsmith George Gibbs. A rifle born to satisfy both the aesthetical purists and the shooters who wish to challenge in the 100 meters target shooting and longer ranges.
The walnut stock is checkered, oil finished and completed with a premium figured wood butt cap and nose cap. The pistol grip shape enables a comfortable grip and a very good balance. Equipped with high precision Creedmoor sight, windage and elevation adjustment of the eye piece up to 3” about (76 mm), spirit level tunnel front sight with windage adjustable with a micrometer screw, completed with a set of 15 interchangeable inserts (USA 408).
S225 - Gibbs Standard
L225 - Gibbs Deluxe
S125 - Gibbs Short Range Rifle
S207 - Gibbs African Hunter

S225 - Gibbs Standard
Calibre -
S22540 - 40 Cal
S22545 - 45 Cal
Barrel Length -
S22540 - 32 5/8" 40 Cal, Blued Octagonal to Round
S22545 - 36" 45 Cal, Blued Octagonal to Round
Twist Rate - 1:18
Overall length - 49 1/4" - 40 Cal, 52 3/8"- 45 Cal.
Weight - 11.68 lbs, 5.3 kgs
Suggested Bullet Mould -
USA304-400, 40 Cal
USA318-451, 45 Cal

L225 Gibbs Deluxe
The Deluxe version is enriched with hand finished engravings identical to those shown on an original rifle.
The lock, breech plug, tang and the trigger guard are engraved with a very fine “English” style pattern.
The stock is made with selected walnut, with fine checkering to the grip and forend.
Same for Standard as above

S125 - Gibbs Short Range Rifle
After the many successes achieved with the Gibbs rifle (S225) we decided to make this second version, retaining the manufacturing and finish qualities while equipping the rifle with a barrel especially made for target shooting at 100-150 meters. The specific twist and the broached rifling provide bullet stabilization at the shorter distance, ensuring hitting the target with very good accuracy.
Calibre - S12545 - 45 Cal
Twist Rate - 1:21
Barrel Length - 32 1/16", Blued octagonal to round
Overall length - 48 7/16"
Weight - 4.8 kgs
Suggested Bullet Mould - USA318451

S207 - African Hunter
In the classic English style, a new hunting version of the Gibbs rifle, powerful enough for big game hunting. The rifled barrel is .72 caliber, as used in the Pedersoli Safari Express double rifle, which performs very well in African dangerous game hunting. The rifle is equipped with the Ghost tang sight: the small eye piece ring enables a quick instinctive aiming at the target, while quickly shouldering the rifle. The open ring provides a clear sight picture in low light conditions. The blue barrel is completed with an interchangeable ramp front sight with anti-reflection checkering.
Calibre - 72 Cal
Twist - 1:72
Barrel Length - 29 1/8", Blued octagonal to round
Overall length - 45 5/16"
Weight - 9.25 lbs, 4.23 kgs
Suggested Bullet Mould - USA306-715

1857 Wurttembergischen S290 1857 Wurttembergischen S290

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1857 Wurttembergischen
World Champion 2006, 2008, 2010.
Faithful reproduction of a military rifle, which in the past Century was manufactured by the Gewehrfabrik in Oberndorf from 1857 to 1866. The infantry Württembergisch “Vereinsgewehr” 1857 model, with percussion lock and rifled barrel 13,9 mm (.547) caliber, was adopted in the States of Württemberg, Baden and Great Axia dukedom.
An extremely accurate rifle reproduced to be a contender in the “Minié” 100 meters target shooting specialty. Equipped with a rear sight on a squared high base, adjustable for windage and elevation.
It is a rifle which has to be carefully observed to appreciate both technical and aesthetic details.
Calibre - 54 Cal
Twist Rate - 1:55
Barrel Length - 39 3/8"
Overall Length - 54 3/4"
Weight - 10.14 lbs, 4.6 kgs
Suggested Bullet Mould - USA302547

Whitworth Rifle S181 Whitworth Rifle S181

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In the year 1854 Sir Joseph Whitworth, was commissioned by the English war office to design a rifle to replace the Enfield pattern 53, he started to work on a .451 caliber rifle, equipped with a barrel having a hexagonal bore profile.
The rifle created outperformed all competitors during the tests made in 1859 and enabling the Queen Victoria to easily hit a target at 366 meters (400 yards), during the first meeting of the British Rifle Association.
The rifle equipped the sharpshooters of the confederate army during the American Civil War hence the name “Whitworth Sharpshooters”.
Hammer forged, browned finish hexagonal barrel, american walnut stock, with lock parts light colour case hardened.
Calibre - 451
Twist Rate - 1:20, 6 Groove.
Barrel Length - 36"
Overall Length - 51"
Weight - 9.46 lbs, 4.3 kgs
Suggested Bullet Mould -USA313-45
Hexagonal Wads - USA140-451

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Hexagonal Whitworth Projectile Mould Paper Patch

Hexagonal Felt Wads

Volunteer Target Rifle S182 Volunteer Target Rifle S182

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On the 16th of November 1859 the British “National Rifle Association” was founded, aimed at the promotion of target shooting in British territories, intended to heavily support the Volunteer Rifle Corps. The British N.R.A., for the first time, organized a national event held at Wimbledon in 1860. Taking inspiration from this historical sporting event we are glad to introduce to you the “Volunteer Rifle” featuring a .451 caliber barrel, broach rifled with an optimal twist for target shooting at 100-150 meters. Tunnel front sight and high precision Creedmore sight. Light trigger pull, with oil finished hand checkered stock.
Calibre - .451 Cal
Action - Percussion
Twist Rate - 1:21
Barrel Length - 33"
Total Length - 48 7/16"
Weight - 8.82 lbs, 4.1 kgs