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Kodiak, Safari Express L245, L245-72, S661 Kodiak, Safari Express L245, L245-72, S661

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Kodiak Express
In the 19th century the muzzle loading double barrel rifle was the gun for hunting in the wide African and India’s regions. With our Kodiak today, we keep the dream alive for many hunters.
Our double express rifle has blued barrels, engraved locks, adjustable rear sight, walnut stock with cheek piece and a small German silver plate to complete with the initials. The Kodiak is used with success during the hunting sessions in Africa and in America and it is considered by the muzzle loading hunters the ideal rifle with its reliable and quick second shot.
It is available in various calibers and also in the Kombo version: one rifled barrel and one smooth barrel 12 gauge. On request it can be manufactured with interchangeable 12 gauge barrels.
Kodiak Express MK111

Calibre -
L24550 - 50 Cal
L24554 - 54 Cal
L24558 - 58 Cal
Twist Rate - 1:24, 50 & 54 Cal, 1:48 - 58 Cal
Barrel Length - 28 9/16" Blued
Overall length - 44 11/16"
Weight - 50 Cal - 11.23 lbs, 54 Cal - 10.57 lbs, 58 Cal - 9.91 lbs
Additional Barrels - Rifled or 12g Shotgun can be obtained for a versatile all round hunter or target gun.

Kodiak Express Mk V1
t is a very manageable gun, perfectly balanced, particularly suitable for wild boar hunting. Featuring a practical rubber butt plate, half pistol grip stock, the double rifle is equipped with the Ghost tang sight.
Calibre -
S66150 - 50 Cal
S66154 - 54 Cal
S66158 - 58 Cal
Twist Rate - 50 & 54 Cal - 1:24, 58 Cal - 1:48
Barrel Length - 24 1/4"
Overall Length - 443 11/16"
Weight - 10.13 lbs, 4.6 kgs

Safari Express
After about twenty years from its introduction, the Kodiak MK III is now completed in its range by “Safari Express” new model, .72 caliber, with alloyed steel barrels to shoot round balls weighting 500 grs.
On request it can be equipped with interchangeable 10 gauge barrels.
Calibre -
L245-72 - 72 Cal
Twist Rate - 1:75
Barrel Length - 25 5/8"
Overall Length - 42 15/16"
Weight - 12 55 lbs, 4.7 kgs

Kodiak Express Side by Side Flintlock Deluxe L650-63 Kodiak Express Side by Side Flintlock Deluxe L650-63

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Kodiak Express Side by Side Flintlock Deluxe

Rifled bore version of our side by side muzzle loading flintlock shotgun. Sophisticated appearance, thanks to lock plates enriched with floral motif engraving and unusual checkering adorning the walnut stock, oil finished. The brown barrel, chromed inside, is equipped with a pearl front sight and a folding rear sight. The rifling, with a 1900 mm ( 75“ ) twist rate , is ideal for round patched ball.
Elegant and sophisticated, it finds its place in a typical hunting context even though it is exquisitely appreciable from an aesthetic point of view.
The trigger guard with its curl emphasizes the walnut stock line, enriched by an unusual and elaborate checkering. The side plates, hammers, tang and trigger guard feature floral engraving.

L650-63 - .63 Cal
Twist - 1:75
Barrel Length - 27 9/16"
Overall Length - 43 11/16"
Weight - 7.7 lbs, 3.5 kgs