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Remington Pattern Target S349, V349 Remington Pattern Target S349, V349

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After the success obtained in the target shooting with Rogers & Spencer “Pedersoli” Target model and under specific requirements from shooters, we introduced this new target revolver, produced on the Remington model. The materials used are of the best quality, enhancing the ballistic characteristics of the barrel, of the cylinder and of the trigger set mechanism. The gun has been expressly “customized” by our crafts-workers and shooters, with the purpose to give the gun a good functionality with the very first use. The non-reflecting barrel, the anti-wear cylinder and the rifling twist have been designed to give the shooter the best chance.
S349 Pedersoli Target

Calibre -
S34944 - 44 Cal
Barrel length - 7 7/8", 200mm
Overall Length - 13 9/16"
Weight - 2.71 lbs, 1.23 kgs

V349 Pedersoli Custom Target
Thanks to our continuous relationship with target shooters we decided to work on this special version of the acclaimed remington pattern revolver, further improving the mechanism and the finish.
The trigger group and the cylinder system are treated by a special hardening and finishing process, such as to reduce the friction to a minimum, improving the mechanical smoothness. tapering the main spring to increase its flexibility, reducing loading resistance and vibrations when firing the revolver.
Barrel, frame, the hammer and cylinder are polished with fine emery paper, before the chroming. the walnut grips have a comfortable hand grip.
Calibre -
V34944 - 44 Cal
All other details as for S349 above

Doc Holliday S630, S631, S632, S633 Doc Holliday S630, S631, S632, S633

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A new model to complete the Western trilogy started with the Pedersoli Lightning rifle and recently continued with the Wyatt Earp cartridge side by side shotgun.
The revolver, a clearly Colt inspired design, is being offered following several requests from Cowboy Action Shooting enthusiasts from all over the world and commemorates the famous John Henry Holliday (1851-1887), nick name “Doc” for his occasional profession as a dentist.
Pistol shooter and gambler, Doc Holliday became famous after participating in the battle at the O.K. Corral of Tombstone, Arizona (October 26, 1881), siding with the Earp brothers.
The Doc Holliday revolver is chambered for the .38 Special cartridge, while offering a choice of barrel length’s (5” or 4.2”) and a nickel or blue finish.
he bird’s head grips are chequered and the upper side has the “dp” oval logo carved in the wood. The rifled barrel, made by the broaching process, the accurate trigger system and the ideal combination of weight and balance with a typical grip make this revolver a handy and precise gun

Calibre -
S63038 - 38 Special
Barrel Length - 4.2" Blued
Overall Length - 9 1/16"
Weight - 1.76 lbs, .8 kgs

Calibre -
S63238 - 38 Special
Barrel length - 5" Blued
Overall langth - 9 7/8"
Weight - 1.87 lbs, .85 kgs

Calibre -
S63138 - 38 Special
Barrel Length - 4.2" Nickel
Other details same as S630 above

Calibre -
S63338 - 38 Special
Barrel Length - 5" Nickel
Other details same as S632 above