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Howdah Hunter S358, S359, S388 Howdah Hunter S358, S359, S388

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Classic pistol with side by side barrels reproducing the Anglo-Saxon guns’ style used for the hunt in the second half of the Eighteen hundreds in the far colonial territories and India.
During the first period of the British colonial government in India, the Howdah pistols for their power and reliability were preferred by the officers of the English army in the far away outposts of the wide empire, but the main use was at close range to stop dangerous wild animals such as the tiger which were known to leap upon the Howdah atop the elephants back. The Howdah name is the palanquin mounted on the elephant. The locks are embellished with engraving featuring wild animals in the their natural habitat, case hardened colour finish. The walnut pistol grip stock has two checkered sections to grant a firm, comfortable and stable grip, thanks to the counterweight butt plate.
Similar with cased guns of the English tradition, the gun is also offered in a mahogany with accessories. Percussion models only code C969

S388 Flintlock
The success enjoyed by the flintlock version of our side by side muzzle loading shotgun has led us to introduce a short model, double barrel, with the same ignition system.
Chambered in 20 gauge smooth bore, the important walnut stock, the pair of flint locks with a light case hardened finish.
Our Howdah Hunter flintlock double barrel pistol, of elegant, design, romantic, but effective, thanks to the pair of barrels, that enable loading either shot or round ball
Calibre -
S38820 - 20 g
Action - Flintlock
Barrel Length - 11 1/4"
Overall Length - 18 15/16"
Weight - 4.86 lbs, 2.2 kgs

S358 Percussion
Calibre -
S35850 - 50 Cal
S35858 - 58 Cal
S35820 - 20g
Barrel Length - 11 1/4"
Overall Length - 17 3/4"
Weight - 5.7 lbs, 2.3 kgs

S359 Percussion Combo
Calibre -
S359X50 - 20g X 50 Cal
Barrel Length - 11 1/4"
Overall Length - 17 3/4"
Weight - 5.07 lbs, 2.3 kgs

Shoulder Stock for Howdah Hunter USA133 Shoulder Stock for Howdah Hunter USA133

Shoulder Stock for Howdah Hunter Pistol

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